Let's answer some of your questions

What if I have an item that does not fit in the tote?

We can still store those items for you! We charge a $5/month (min) over size fee and will defiantly store those items for you! (prices may vary depending on size of item)

How many totes do people usually use?

Usually people use two totes but you can use as many as you want!

Is there a weight limit for the totes?

No weight limit! As long as our guys can pick up the bins we will take it. And our guys are pretty strong so you can put  heavy stuff in the tote!

What if I only need to store things over the short school breaks?

We store at all times so the Christmas break, Summer Break, the 7 week break, while you are off track, internships, missions, the week between semesters, any time really, we got you covered! 

Do I have to provide my own locks?

 It is NOT required to lock your stuff . Your personal security is our number one priority so you provide your own lock so you can have peace of mind that your items are safe.

Have More Questions?

Still have some questions? We can answer them. Just shoot us an email!